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“These guys are perfect gentlemen who are always professional, thoughtful, and cheerful. They were always attentive to our needs and did everything possible
to make the project
as ‘stress-free’ as possible. The quality of their work
is outstanding, as is their attention to detail. Our new space flows seamlessly both inside and out with our
existing, 1920s home."

Shelly Pierce

Featured Project: Pierce Addition

“This job has to be the most useful 80-square-foot addition of all time. It’s a huge improvement for such a small addition,” explained David Collier. “There is no wasted space.”

The Pierce family wanted to reconfigure their kitchen and add a comfortable family gathering space. They first went to the architecture firm of Stock & Stone, who created construction drawings that mirrored the sunroom on the opposite end of the house. Then through the collaboration of Stock & Stone, interior design firm Jones of Columbus, and David Collier, a plan was created that transformed how the Pierce family uses their home.

In addition to an improved kitchen, the new space includes a sitting area, fireplace, built-in cabinets and media console, breakfast nook, and mudroom. All of these elements are intricately designed and constructed to work together in creating a multi-use space that does not feel crowded.

A prime example of this intricate design is how the media console helps create the mudroom. There is no actual wall separating the mudroom from the rest of the addition. The illusion of a separate room was created with the back of the entertainment center and the “wall” in the mudroom actually being the same piece, conserving valuable space and providing easy access to the media center. All of the electrical components of the media center are in fact under the bench in the mudroom.